Thanks for the meeting earlier every1 =)

I was really amazed and supported by many of the things, but in general as we see as equal values, i think the meeting was very successfully and we had alot in common grounds wich where shared and good ideas, strong points. And this is the officially now the second meeting, but first for our bro fizi, and i know he was happy about it, then so are we :).

A little dissapointed that some vital people unfortunately cant be available even with a pre-notice of weeks sorry to say, but not say a single word. The law will be the new law and the law of the land.

“We also unsolved some issues, so we are on the same matter at things aswell.
Farts like heck when sleeping lol.”

As our first meeting i think we came out good of it, and that having it ofter is wizser for the mind and body, than just see eachother when there is touch.


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