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Darkworld IRC Network consists of many servers spread out all over the world . DarkWorld use RoundRobin and assign a server automatically to the users who connect to the network to these different servers based on the number of people connected to each server and their geographic location. If you wish you can also connect to your favourite specific server by using the server name rather than the generic host of or your regional country hosts such as or For a full list of available servers, please see below.


IPV6 Only:

Nos Server Address     IPv4 IPv6 Plain Port SSL Port Location Status
1     Yes Yes 6667 +6697 WorldWide Online
2 European.DarkWorld.Network     Yes Yes 6667 +6697 European Region Online
3 American.DarkWorld.Network     Yes Yes 6667 +6697 American Region Online
4 BloodMoon.DarkWorld.Network     Yes Yes 6667 +6697 Oceania Online
5 Spanish.DarkWorld.Network     Yes Yes 6667 +6697 Spain Online
6 Helsinki.DarkWorld.Network     Yes Yes 6667 +6697 Finland Online
7 Shadows.Darkworld.Network     Yes Yes 6667 +6697 Poland Online
8  Vampires.DarkWorld.Network     Yes Yes 6667 +6697 USA Online
9  US-Central.Darkworld.Network     Yes Yes 6667 +6697 USA Online
10 Tokyo.Darkworld.Network     N/A Yes 6668 +6698 Japan Online
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