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Welcome to DevHosting.

Would start by giving you some information here about us :).

I`m the CEO And Founder of DevHosting, which we will launch soon on DevHosting.Org, and i am really proud to announce it, because you may ask why to bother trying another webhoster?. (also other features). It`s because i see a lot of the hosting companies, take a large amount of your pocket, and not give what they are promising. I wanna try to get your heart and mind to change about this.

And im here to CHANGE that. To give the users like, first of all CHEAP prices, wich gives just the same amount of stabillity, credibillity, and having one of the best uptimes, (wich is very important to people who maybe doesnt have afford to buy alot of money to have WebHosting also maybe well rent out vps etc, and more cool features for you, and for a cheaper price than a lot of the companies just taking money out of the cards, which many not think about also. So I wanted to share this news with you all =).

I`ts gonna be build on TRUST and if you aint satisfated, you get your money back, also we give the first 1-5 people a 15-30 day (TRYOUT) for free, yeah you heard me right, for free. So you can self see that we are not stepping away from our promises and that we would very much have you as our customers, wich is based on GOOD prices and like i told, getting the credibillity, trust and that we stand for what we are saying is true and right.

I don`t know how many sites i,ve been too, and personally for ME, it`s way to expensive, as well for other regurlary people like me. And i want to CHANGE this, by giving the first 1-5 users, (when the site is ready) a free pass, so they can see it and believe it that we are cheaper than the most. I know I can’t help everyone, but it’s a start at least, in a new generation of Webhosting, etc.

And nothing would please me more than having good users onboard :). So with this I urge you to follow closely, Rome wasn`t built in one day, but we have some extraordinary people working with us. So we will try to be the best we can be, and upcoming news about the site will follow.

Thanks for your time listening here, Everyone. I really enjoyed saying this to those who don’t have much. =). Because i,ve been there myself more times than I can count. Time to do something about it, to make more people happy writing their own sites, without worrying about “hidden” fees, etc, knowing that the price is what it is! :). This is what i and the team will give to you people. Just give us a little time. But it`s coming :). Thank you, everyone.

Sincerely your`s

-Superfly “CEO” DevHosting

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