Supporting Darkworld Network There are several ways you can assist us in our mission.

1.Providing Servers: Darkworld Network relies on servers generously offered by our sponsors. If you operate a well-connected network in any of our service regions (North America, Europe, East Asia, Australia), we encourage you to reach out to us!Here are the specifications we require for public-facing IRCd servers:

    • CPU: At least 2 cores
    • RAM: Minimum 4 GB
    • Disk Space: At least 20 GB
    • Network Connectivity: Typically, we use single-digit megabits per second, but we must be prepared for higher demands due to potential attacks. Your server should be capable of handling 100G-plus floods and have the necessary infrastructure to mitigate them at your network’s edge.
    • Operating System: Servers should run Debian stable.
    • Naming: While you can suggest a name for your contributed server, we cannot guarantee its acceptance.

    Please be aware that we generally do not accept rented consumer servers. While list-price VPSs offer good value, they have proven to be less resilient in our experience.

    We manage servers centrally and require full, exclusive root privileges. Sponsoring a server does not grant staff access, and we kindly request that you do not attempt to gain such access through technical means.

    2. Getting in Touch: If you meet the requirements and are interested in contributing, please contact the operations team at

Your support is invaluable in helping Darkworld Network continue its operations and achieve its goals. Thank you for considering becoming a part of our community.