DWCasino Winners – October 2023

Congratulations to the winners of the DWCasino for the month of September 2023! Here are the winners and their respective winnings:

1. Kunik – 12’990’500$
2. dennis – 12’489’200$
3. Chikita – 11’425’265$

It seems like these individuals had a successful month playing the IRC-based casino game. Well done to them!

To check history of monthly winners please check DWCasino


DWCasino is an IRC-based virtual casino game that does not involve real money for playing or winning. The displayed winners’ monetary amounts are purely numerical and have no connection to real currency. It is a fun game designed for IRC Users, and we offer free ZNC Bouncers/Linux Shells to the top three winners users at no charge.


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