Darkworld`s growing – Now Listed at a IRC top 100 exclusive network list, and updates

Hey and long time no see folks. We have some updates on who we are coming into here. Firstly:

  • We are now on the IRC Network list at IRC Networks – Top 100 Wich we have worked a lot for.
  • Updated all our servers to the newest version of Unrealircd and Anope.
  • Also now, everyone who wants a nice design, easy to connect and stay ON, no matter your internet connection. And we just call it “The DW Lounge”. The direct link is The Lounge (darkworld.network), and it`s web-based, and covered in a nice design, and if you are in need of help visit #support or #thelounge” in IRC and/or ask an Operator, then we will help you as fast as we possibly can. And again Thanks to everyone who made it possible so we could come on that NetWork List Top 100
  • A great Gaming News Site is https://darkworld.games 


PS:We would also like to give a BIG thanks to all persons involved making all this true, and still does. Remember the team work day and night to help out because to help eachother, that`s a thing peepZ could be more aware over all around in general”. We will also always work for good communication and, prosperity. But also try make sure to remember: “People have opinions, issues, ideas etc, and it will always be like that in a sense. But as long as we can remind us while doing such things, remember it, and you`ll become a better version of yourself”. – yours Superfly in DarkWorld Staff

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