Hey ladies and gentlemen. On the behalf of Darkworld Network, Darkworld Gaming News, and Devhosting, (Webhosting launching soon), we would like to say thank you to all of you peepZ out there, for your guidance and support during this year guys that made this year like a rollercoaster, but you know what?.


Thanks to very hard work and long hours from Darkworld Staff. for keeping the momentum going day and night. And the truth is, we couldn’t make it if it hadn`t been for you guys.. truly. We try our best just to have the servers up and running so we can communicate in the “old school” kinda way. But I, ve seen and made good friends in and out of Darkworld Network. Some of the best friends at least I have met are through IRC, and I also see a “younger” generation also flickering with Discord/IRC and vice versa, and that`s always nice with new users, especially on our servers. 

And I, could have written a book of how proud we are, over the work we have done, but very much so what YOU guys have done for us, by coming here kinda “landing”, and becoming our daily friends. And that’s what it`s about. How we treat and speak to each other. And I must give round applause to the staff again, we have stumbled and failed, but we have come back stronger every time, to give you a good chatting experience. For me personally, it has become a tradition, to help each other out, whatever it takes.

And I will try my best to provide you with good news in our lovely GAMING NEWS SITE so often I can, (my new year’s goal is 1-2 a day minimum).


We have ALSO made it on the TOP 100 IRC Network lists.
And our current position is #76 I believe :). So we are very humble and proud to have worked ourselves up of course, but in the end, it`s about the users, friendships you get along the way, some stays, some fly away you know, not like me :P.
And in the end, that`s what matters the most, how your day has been on our servers and IRC in general. So we in Darkworld ofc push for more friendships along the way, and then it`s about your approach and your view on life that matters the most. Of course, taking things with a smile is VERY important also :). A good laugh prolounges life we say in Norway. And now it`s right before dinner here.

So lastly my point was that we in Darkworld Network are SO proud of everything we have gone through together this year and were still on the boat :). Personally, I try to think about being happy for the small stuff that we take for granted every day that can mean the world to others. I’m gonna think a little bit about that while I’m celebrating. 

New things will be announced the following year, and we will keep ourselves busy no matter what. 
And this would neither be possible without all of you users. So thank you so much for supporting us by just being yourself and joining the Network =)

So if you need someone to talk to, where here!. Everyone needs sometimes JOIN US NOW PEEPZ, oh yeah we have also have the lounge now so you can get in and just write your information and a nice design (feels like mIRC only newer), and you’re always ON, like a znc. So very easy for you guys who wanna BE ON, and have a simpler system.




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